First Twenty-Four Hour Water Fast

I decided to use Presidents’ Day to start my first twenty-four hour water fast. I have read that twenty-four hours isn’t enough to cleanse your body of toxins; but for me, it’s a start towards a more healthy attitude. I have the day off so it won’t be so hard on my body and I’ll be relaxing and enjoying my time while allowing my body to do a “reboot”. My last meal was a cajun salmon, rice, and grilled zucchini dinner at around 6:30PM tonight. I had three chocolate chip cookies afterwards as a dessert. I started my fast at 7:30PM tonight. I will blog updates throughout the next twenty-four hours to keep me motivated through this process.

9:30PM : So far I don’t feel any hunger. I brushed and flossed my teeth so hopefully that’s okay during a water fast. I avoided using listerine mouthwash. I won’t start feeling hungry until the next morning when my body is like, “Hey it’s breakfast, hello!”.

5:30PM: Several hours have passed and I have around two hours left before I eat dinner again. So far everything health wise has been good. I think the last 3 hours, I’ve experienced a little lightheadedness but nothing too concerning. I did do a short 45 minute walk with my friend that might have caused a little lightheadedness so next week when I do this, I’ll nix the 45 minute walk. As far as hunger is concerned, I haven’t had my stomach growl like it normally does 2 hours after I eat breakfast. I haven’t had any hunger pains or any big hunger craving. I am indeed ready to eat a meal, but I’m not “starving”.